UC-450-ATSC-T MODULATOR - Download spec sheets

The UC-250-ATSC-T Modulator is an 8-VSB ATSC-T Modulator. The unit accepts either SMPTE-310M or DVB-ASI signals as its input, modulates it into an 8-VSB
44.0 MHz IF signal, and outputs an RF 8-VSB signal between the frequency range of 110 to 860 MHz.

  • Compliant with ATSC A/53 standard
  • Double DVB-ASI inputs and SMPTE-310M inputs
  • RS coding, Data Field interleaver, Pilot Insertion
  • Trellis Constellation Coding: 8-VSB
  • Channel Bandwidth: 6MHz
  • IF agile from 35MHz to 45MHz with 1Hz step.
  • RF agile VHF and UHF with step 1Hz
  • Very high modulation performance: VM, SNR, RF stability, shoulder, etc
  • External 10MHz reference clock inputs
  • PID filtering and re-mapping
  • PSI/SI information puck-up, phase and modification
  • RJ-45 Ethernet interface introduces remote maintenance, supervision and software upgrade.
  • Constant Temperature Crystal
  • Remote Control
Data input Socket 75Ω, BNC


Comply with EN 50083 ASI and
ATSC SPMTE-310M standard.
2 ASI inputs and 2 SMPTE-310M
Max bit rate: 19.38Mbps
TS Switching: Manuel/Automatic mode

Data Format Standard TS stream, 188/204byte
IF Output Output Impedance 50Ω BNC
  Output Frequency Range
30~45MHz (Adjustable)
  Output Level -5dBn (105dBµV)


Group Delay ±10 ns
  Stability of Frequency 1ppm
  @ ±3.2MHz -50dBc
  IQ Amplitude Imbalance ≤0.02%
  Carrier Suppression ≤-55dBc
  Spurious <-60dBc
  MER >42dBc
RF Output Output Impedance 50Ω NBC
  Output Frequency Range 110~860MHz
  Output Level ≥0dBm (107dBµV)
  Monitor Signal Level -30+2dBm
  Total Frequency Deviation ≥0dBm (107dBµV)
  Output Suppression <-55dBc
  Output Level Adjustable Range ≥16dB
≥80dBc/Hz (@1Kz)
≥105dBc/Hz (@100Kz)
  Local Oscillation Phase Noise ≥130dBc/Hz (@100Kz)
  Bandwidth 6M
  MER ≥36dB(agile); ≥40dB(Fix)
  Attenuation 0~16dB (0.5dB step)
Signal Encoding and Modulating RS Encoding (207,187)
  Trellis Encoding 2/3
  Modulation Mapping Constellation 8-VSB
  Bandwidth 6M