UC-MP Playout System - Download spec sheets

UPCOM’s UC-1000W-UHF Brodacast Amplifier uses the latest generation LDMOS and hybrid at the pallet level to guarantee a trouble free operation.
All PA’s have Smart Bias Controllers installed which monitor all PA levels including input power, forward power, temperature, voltage, current, transistor bias.
Using latest generation power devices ensures high efficiency, long life, and trouble free operation. Amplifier operation is monitored from an optional front panel LCD display or through a variety of connection options including serial RS-232 or RS-485/422 connections, ethernet, USB, bluetooth. Ethernet equipped amplifiers have a built in website for monitoring, or a windows based program is provided for serial or USB connections.
Amplifier controller options include data logging with adjustable intervals to collect all performance data up to 60 days. Data may be displayed in graphical format or may be archived for later analysis.
Simple maintenance and repair options ensure low upkeep costs,short down times, and years of trouble-free operation.

  • Smart Bias Controller
  • Ethernet, USB, Serial, LCD Connection Options
  • SMS / SMTP Notification Integration
  • Variable Fan Speed and Monitoring
  • High MTBF Fans
  • High Efficiency Power Supplies
  • Hot Swappable Power Supplies
  • Extended Temperature Operation
  • Multiple AGC Options
  • Multiple Drive Level Options - +0dBm To 10 Watts
  • All Maintenance Performed in Cabinet

Analog Power Output 2500 Pk Sync (PAL/NTSC) RF Output
EIA-7/8” Flange (Standard)
7/16 DIN -1-5/8” EIA Flange
HN - N (Optional)
Digital Power Output
1000W CW (ATSC) Data Connections DB-9 Female (Serial)
RJ-45 Female (Ethernet)
USB-B Female (USB)
470 - 806 MHz Dimensions 19”W 8.6”H 26”D
Efficiency AC-RF 22% Weight 110lb
RF Input
N Type Female (Standard)
BNC - SMA (Optional)
Operating Temperature 0~55C
Standard (NTSC/PAL):
D1, Half D1, SIF, Q-SIF Heat Load 13000BTU
Digital Input Power 90mW Max. (Driver Option)
15W Max. (Single Stage)
AC Power 185 - 250 VAC, Single Phase
40Amp Ckt (60 Hz)
Analog Input Power 400mW Max. (Driver Option)
50W Max. (Single Stage)